South Florida First Choice Wedding Officiant



As a Seasoned South Florida Favorite Choice Wedding Officiant, it is my great honor and pleasure to work with and marry couples who come from all walks of life, from all of over the world with one primary purpose to unite forever in love. I have performed wedding ceremonies of every style, shape and size. Whether the ceremony is traditional, non-traditional, simple and sweet, spiritual, quick, fast say I do, contemporary, casual, themed or formal. I will make sure that your ceremony is rich in excitement, life, love and laughter. Yaaaay!  Each photo brings back memories of love, wedding vows, happiness, excitement, laughter and joy. Below is just a few of those wonderful couples and wonderful memories!

IMG_1815 IMG_1565 IMG_1509 IMG_1495 IMG_1451 IMG_1816 IMG_2379 IMG_2384 Yvonne_Norm_0131 Yvonne_Norm_0136photo copy 28 256-135-full janee-daniel-san-francisco-city-hall-foreign-cinema035 animation7 0254_Grethel_Michael (ZF-6955-36646-1-254) 1653680_10152828750924612_4723937169099152661_n 0520_Floralice & Victor 0508_Floralice & Victor 0041Katherine_Tony DSC_0124 LU2cW53-lv4cbIcuqGFimoyiocMCBvaEsePCkW2WTTY photo 1 Wang_Hernandez_YourDreamPhoto_25_0_low photo 4 photo 3 m2sx2kkrn3jb2rwg8365_low Mark 1 Mark 3 photo copy 16 photo copy 4 photo copy 3 photo 2 photo copy 19 photo copy 21 photo copy 23 photo copy photo copy 27 photo copy 26 TaraDavidD-107 TaraDavidD-67 TaraDavidD-53 This-Love-of-Yours-Heather-And-Jordan-Elopement-107 478799_10200636442567622_1137519777_o-1 1098452_692557400771306_864568018_n 1533395_613494546342_1572339259_n bernadette-adam Carolyn1 Emrich and Jeff Raymond DeborahDanSandovalDSC01373 City-Hall-Wedding-8.3.12_37 DM1_5901 FK2_9021 IMG_0245 IMG_6368 LL-109 LL-122 photo copy 3 photo copy 4

0036_Candice David (ZF-9090-70383-1-036) copy 256-7 256-6 0254_Grethel_Michael (ZF-6955-36646-1-254) 0074_Candice David (ZF-9090-70383-1-074) 389 426241_10151168428974598_379089381_n 1603671_0089 copy 2 City-Hall-Wedding-8.3.12_37 copy Chris & Tina9.29.12-12 DM1_5901 GeriBrad hubby and I IMG_1708 IMG_2987 Mark Instructs The Witnesses Jessica and Danny 2012 janee-daniel-san-francisco-city-hall-foreign-cinema044 Mark Lets Us Kiss Mark With Erin & Scott photo 5 photo copy 2 Raquel & Walter - Oct 8, 2010-BW photo photo copy 9 photo copy 4 RichardandAlexisEaglesPoint

photo copy 3

photo copy 26

Wedding 008

RingExchangeRichard02TaraDavidE-2weddingWendyLeviEnnisThis-Love-of-Yours-Heather-And-Jordan-Elopement-107TaraDavidD-53 TaraDavidD-67 TaraDavidD-107 photo copy 25 photo copy 27 photo copy 19 photo copy 16 osjye5iwfuey4vt55440_low Mark 3 photo copy 3 photo copy 4 Mark 1 m2sx2kkrn3jb2rwg8365_low LU2cW53-lv4cbIcuqGFimoyiocMCBvaEsePCkW2WTTYDSC_0124 1911688_10152828755094612_4344044401984166545_n 0254_Grethel_Michael (ZF-6955-36646-1-254)janee-daniel-san-francisco-city-hall-foreign-cinema0350520_Floralice & Victor 0508_Floralice & Victor 35-full photo 1 Wang_Hernandez_YourDreamPhoto_25_0_low Wang_Hernandez_YourDreamPhoto_24_0_low